Why Choose Us?

Selling a car can be a really annoying and complicated process; both time and power consuming for car owners. Clearly, it is something you do hardly every few years, so how should one get the routine that grants the best way to sell a car?

Private sales are often a choice for many sellers. But this usually accrues significant costs, while a return cannot be guaranteed, regardless of whether you advertise your car via print advertisement or through an online marketplace. It usually takes several appointments with a lot of time-wasters until you might sell your car.

Apart from the direct advertisement costs, private sales cause serious further expenses. In the Middle East, there is usually a time span of 3-6 weeks from first advertising to final sale. Furthermore, in advance of a successful deal, statistically you have to go through 4 - 6 meetings with potential buyers - again, a procedure that consumes both your time and money, while a positive return is still uncertain.

With your advertisement being displayed your phone may start ringing any time of the day and you have to manage meetings, but hardly in every case it is a real potential buyer.

This way you may also have to deal with shady and dubious elements. Should you let an unknown prospect actually test-drive your car? And even if the sale goes through, who guarantees you safe and secure payment and prevents you from receiving bouncing cheques? You could end up with no payment and no car.

Another option might be selling your car to a dealership. However, think about it - unless you are really an automotive expert yourself they will always try to outsmart you on the price. After all, that's what their business model is basically about. Trade-Ins also don't guarantee fair prices and accurate valuations - even more so, if the dealership sells different makes to the one of your car.

If you choose to give your car to a dealer to advertise it for you in his showroom, you might be without a car for several weeks and still have no guarantee of a sale.

Hence, if you want to sell your car hassle-free, while achieving a fair price, SellAnyCar.com is the perfect solution. We guarantee to buy your car after a free and competent valuation - quick, easy, fair and everywhere.


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