Part Exchange

How about part-exchanging?

Many customers believe that they can make better deals by part exchanging their car instead of a sole sale. However, this strategy might be a bad solution for you.

Nine out of ten of our customers said they made a better deal by taking the offer of SellAnyCar.com than they would have made with part exchange (or trade-in).

The reason why part-exchanging with a dealer can result in bad deals is simple: If you sell your used car to a car dealer, you have to buy a new car at the same time. So buying and selling is tied in one place. Thus, the dealer looks at the part exchange and the sale of a new car as one transaction.

The more the dealer offers you in part exchange, the less discount he is able to offer you on your new car.

With this option you have neither much freedom, nor negotiating power.

Selling your car to SellAnyCar.com will put you in a stronger position. Having cash in your pocket makes you drive the negotiations and most probably will lead you to an overall better deal on your new car, which you can now choose to buy from any dealer, not just one.


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