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We offer the Middle East's first and favourite car buying service. We value an easy and fair car purchasing process. All our services are free of charge for you. We take care of the entire paperwork necessary and deregister the car for you.

Due to our extraordinary customer care values, we fundamentally differ from the commonly known street vendors in the industry. With 15 years of industry experience, we are able to professionally assess your used car and ensure a fair car buying process.


Fair prices and expert inspection for your car

You can estimate the value of your used car through our website. This is done within 15 seconds. You will receive a non-binding guidance price from us. If you are not satisfied with this offer, it is not a problem. With the estimate you don’t agree to any sale at any time and can decide freely even after our free on-site car inspection. Through our website you can make an appointment for an assessment and decide, whether to sell your car to or not. Just come to one of our branches anywhere in the Middle East.

We will inspect your within 30 minutes. Thanks to top-notch technical equipment and expertise we can identify factors that are crucial for a fair value for your car. Taking these factors into account, your car will be priced accurately. You will then have the choice to sell your car or think about it. We also purchase your accident damaged car at a fair price. Hence, you can sell your old vehicle quickly and simply for a price. With private sales it isn’t possible to ensure a fair and good price in a short time. However, our car buying service is characterized by exactly these features. stands for high-quality service and simple car sale.

Represented in all the largest cities in the Arab world, we are your competent car buying service. Our branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman and other regional locations offer an impeccable service and support you with everything regarding the sale of your used car.

Whether Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai or Mercedes - we buy all brands. We ensure complete transparency and safety for you. With the online valuation you can instantly calculate a first price estimate for your vehicle. Afterwards you can make a personal appointment with our trained automotive experts who will then inspect and evaluate your car and make you an offer. If you agree with the price you can directly sell your car and the entire sale process will be managed by

Car Buying Online - The Best Alternative

The online car purchaser is a practical alternative to many conventional sales channels. Still, one of the most common ways of selling used cars is by placing ads on classifieds websites or newspapers. Here, the seller has to register, take care of attractive photography and descriptions, organization of viewings, test drives, negotiation, payment, settlement and deregistration of the used automobile. Besides the huge effort that is associated with these steps, most people find it difficult to set a right price for the vehicle. Since each used car is individual, the pricing is a process that should be done by experts. In our online car buying service this review is included free of charge. After you have received an instant online price at, we will evaluate your car professionally at one of our many branches near you. We have specially trained and experienced car buying specialists, who will ensure a fair and rapid car valuation and sales process.

This applies to all types of vehicle purchases - from accident damaged automobiles to premium vehicles we really buy any car. After a quick online price estimation, you can book an appointment at one of our locations. Color, condition, special equipment and current market factors are transparently presented to you to agree on a fair price. The online car buying service is the modern way of selling your car, completely free of charge. We will even take care of all the paperwork and deregister the car for you. 100% free. 100% hassle-free. – Also in your area!

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