Fast car sale – professional valuation

Many people try to sell their used car on their own, but most of them have hardly any experience with the used car market. Therefore it often happens that cars are sold for less than they are actually worth or that people face very long waiting times. However, with a professional and reputable purchasing service like you get a professional car valuation and can sell your vehicle 100% - easy and quick. Benefit from a realistic and fair assessment of your car and our comprehensive service.


Influences on the car value

During our professional car valuation, skilled experts examine your vehicle to determine a fair and realistic value. Both optical and technical condition will be checked and included in the final evaluation. Also the state of the interior plays an important role. Any important factor will be taken into consideration to guarantee a fair valuation.

Particularly age, popularity of the brand as well as mileage are drivers for a shrinking or growing residual value. We also look at seasonal influences, maintenance of the vehicle and numerous other factors. Only professionals like the experts of have a clear view on the market situation and all the factors that affect the value of your car. Thanks to the vehicle assessment in our stores, you can be sure to achieve a fair price. Enter your vehicle details on our website, book an appointment for your FREE and no-obligation car inspection. If you like our offer, you can sell your car directly and we will take care of any paperwork, including deregistration.

Preparation of a car sale – get a free evaluation

There are various service providers who specialized themselves on estimating car values on the basis of market data. A free car evaluation, however, is not possible because there is a fee for each request. In this way the provider earns money with the vehicle assessment. With you can now get a completely free car evaluation. We determine a price estimate online immediately – just by a few basic characteristics of your car.

However, it is not possible to take all important factors into consideration online. Therefore this value is just an orientation for you. The next step would be to book your personal appointment at one of our branches, where one of our qualified and experienced staff members will inspect your vehicle. Right after this assessment we can offer you the best possible price for your car. You decide whether you accept our offer and give the sales process comfortably into our hands. In any case, our car inspection is free of charge. – Also in your area!

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